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Contract Engineering

Actinix has designed and built custom lasers and diagnostic tools for a variety of photonics applications:

  • Solid-state deep ultraviolet lasers
  • Excimer laser beam diagnostics and line narrowing testing
  • 193 nm photomask metrology tools
  • Pulsed fiber lasers with optical parametric amplification

Below are some examples of systems we have developed.

VUV Laser System

The system shown to the right is a custom built VUV laser source that provided over 2 mJ at 188 nm. Using a fiber laser seed source, a pulsed Nd:Yag laser, an optical parametric amplifier and non-linear DUV/VUV generation crystals the system provided high energy, low jitter, one-nanosecond light pulses.

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Solid-state 193 nm Laser

Actinix has designed and constructed solid-state 193 nm laser systems for semiconductor metrology applications. This work was funded in part with an SBIR from the National Science Foundation.

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Photomask Metrology

A photomask phase metroiogy tool was developed for the semiconductor industry under an NSF Phase II grant. The system consisted of our 193-nm solid state laser in conjunction with a custom DUV microscope.

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