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Absorption spectra of live mobile cells

The Cytoray automated micro-spectrophotometer can track and measure the optical absorption of live cells. Funded by a Phase II SBIR from NOAA, Actinix developed a proprietary adaptive mask technology (Patent Pending) that allows accurate analysis of the spectral properties of cells and particles. The system is designed to analyze aquatic particles, like plankton, but it is applicable to studying human cells or other particles. Its primary advantage is that it automatically adapts to the size, morphology and orientation of the particle and generates an optical probe that then is used to measure the spectral absorption of the particle, with high accuracy. The video shown above is a live Eulena sample placed on a microscope slide. The adaptive mask is tracking the cell movement and projecting a facsimile white light probe onto the cell. The transmitted light through the cell is normalized to a reference and spectrally analyzed. The measured absorption spectrum is shown in the figure below.

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